Lovely June

Six months passed by, and it is halfway almost to the end of the year. living here in Hawaii is such a plus because we don’t have an extreme temperature just like in any other states, which means I can plant vast array of summer crop without worrying about winter frost. I love gardening, I used to buy a lot of flowering plants in a big box store, but over the years I learned that it takes a lot of patience, and knowledge about what to plant, how to care for them and I started getting interest in gardening a long time ago but due to the fact that I work full time as a nurse, and at the same time, me and my partner are raising my little son, ( 3 years old now), I did not put much time in gardening. But few months ago I got a chance to plant some seeds in my backyard, some did grow, and half of it died due to: a). lack of proper watering, using wrong soil, or not enough fertilizer, b). I went on my 2 weeks vacation in the Philippines and my loving partner forgot to water my fragile backyard plants….. I don’t have much experience in gardening, how ever, my late Grandfather in my Home country, The Philippines, is an avid Gardener. My Grandfather, is not only a wonderful cook, but also had a small scale sugar cane farm, and owned a couple of rice paddies. in between, he raised chickens, and pigs for family consumption.
My childhood is filled with great memories of Grandpa Jose’s garden, I remember his garden in our backyard surrounded with greens. Kabocha squash, Loofah gourds, corn, sorghum, ginger, eggplants, string beans, tomatoes, and lots of sweet potatoes. My Grandpa also have a lot of fruit trees. I am not sure if he planted it himself, or his parents did parents did, but towering trees lined up his property. I was blessed to say, I saw avocado, mango, jackfruit, pomelo, santol, star apple or kaimitos, guava, and mahogany trees.
Summer time is one of my favorite season in the Philippines. Not because we didn’t have to go to school, but I look forward to summer comfort foods like boiled or charcoal broiled corn, cantaloupe or melons, peanuts, watermelons and mangoes!! and also, a lot of flowery array of foliage starts to bloom. my grandparents home is enveloped by sweet scented gardenias, white gingers and 2 kinds of hibiscus, pink ones and puffy bright red ones. I remember young ladies come to our house and ask for some gardenias from my grandmother, in which she gladly allowed them to pick it themselves. same thing with my grandpa, he had so much veggies for the family, that he didn’t hesitate to give them away to the neighborhood. As a kid, I observed, and thankfully, experienced my grandparents way of life, simple, yet memorable.

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