Intoxicating Boracay

Intoxicating Boracay

One fine afternoon with my son, in the lovely island of Boracay, Philippines. I want to say I will probably never get tired of Boracay. with its lovely sand, gorgeous sunset, and the electrifying energy.. one of my favorite destination:-)

Boracay is a tiny island located in the northern tip of Aklan, just south of Manila, it is known for it’s powdery white sand. Most people who’s already been there will say ” oh, it’s really crowded and over used”, but to me, if you take your time and sit on by the beaches in Boracay, there is no other places like it. In my opinion, the energy this island exudes is very attractive…coming from the Hawaiian island like myself, I prefer Boracay Island because it still has it’s innocence left, all you have to do is close your eyes, or look around you without thinking of all the commercialized surroundings. as soon as you step into the water, or stepping into it’s white sand, you will feel the energy of the island itself. I been to several beaches in Oahu ( Hawaii), but I didn’t really feel that homely feeling that I had in Bora. I just like that fact that you can buy your favorite snack, drink few feet away from the shore…or you can just watch other people walk by. to me, what I love the most is you can eat your favorite Filipino foods in any restaurants near the shore, or if you are one of those European, North American visitors, they always have something for you.
How to get there: If you are a Boracay Newbie, you can take a flight from Manila, to Caticlan, from Cebu Mactan to Caticlan, or you can take the bus commute, private van for hire, or Roro ship if you are coming from neighboring islands or places. my personal favorite? fly via Cebu pacific air.
As a chronic Philippine traveler myself, I prefer to plan ahead. I know Boracay Island is such an expensive place to see, lodging will be the first place to wonder about if you are anticipating to go there. well, of coarse, the airfare first, when you are coming from Luzon ( the nation’s biggest capital area ). I prefer to look at travel search website from the USA, ( such as expedia,, but lately I been using, because they have more choices of places to stay). again, preparation is a must if you want to save money, and search for your choosen hotel. I personally like to stay in Boat station 1, many will say it is expensive, but I love the peace and quiet during the night, where my entire body is craving for longer sleep. even my local party comment at one point, stating that hotels in station 1 is quieter. Diniwid beach, may not be as swimmable compared to boat station 2, 3. but they have a to die for view. I stayed at Microtel Inn and suite back in May. what I like about this hotel is that their beds are uber-top of the line comfortable. I myself have a bad back, but I can vouch their beds are to awesomely comfortable!! 2ndly, they have a wonderful, lounge area in the ground floor, and play ground for the little ones. sadly, lately they did not have that eat as much as you can breakfast buffet anymore. I think that’s the only drawback. however they still have cool menu for lunch and dinner.
things to do:
just like anybody who goes to the island, expect beach, swimming, beautiful people watching, island hopping, endless sightseeing, sit by the beach, you can walking, para sailing, banana boat ride, snorkeling is available too. also if you like to drink, and dance, you can go wild and crazy in boat station 2, and 3 where clubs, bars, restaurants, fish market lined up. I suggest do a lot of sight seeing before you get yourself drunk. taste the food in different restaurants.
Honestly, it could be pricey for some, but still a great deal going to Hawaii !!! ( sigh*). you can check out this place called D’Mall, in the D’Mall, souvenirs, local goodies, handbags, shirts, swimwears stores are located. for chow/food trip, you can check D’Talipapa. they have seafood market, and places for a fee to cook your seafood meals, or what the locals call ” Dampa”.

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