Intoxicating Boracay

Intoxicating Boracay.

I went on a trip to the Philip

pines almost a month ago. one of my favorite destination is Boracay Island, it is located on the Northern tip of Panay Island. getting there is half the fun. usually people coming from Luzon, will fly to Aklan, Kalibo, or Caticlan, just few minutes to the port en route to Boracay Island. Coming from Roxas city, it will take at least 3 hours of commute to get to Caticlan. In my opinion, I will probably never do it again. why? my behind was so painful after a long, winding, exhausting commute. we took a hired L-300 Van that day. I love the countryside views, but I don’t really appreciate the winding, bumpy roads.
Surprisingly, Caticlan Jetty port, as they call it, looks better now than 5 years ago. and coming into the island itself is a struggle because you have to pay a fee, and fall in line for tickets, fees and other stuff before they will let you in the small boat to the main island itself.

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