America going downhill?

today is the third day of government being shutdown. I was not paying much attention to why, or what is going on television, read newspapers, or listen to the radio. honestly, I would rather dig dirt or clean after my animal’s poops. its not that I don’t care of what’s been going on but I am not super agitated just like everybody else, I came from a family who is poor, and have nothing to show for. I think America is really a land of plenty, but tapping on that plentinessĀ  nowadays is like climbing the stairs of Empire state building on a 5 inch hill shoes. I also believe that USA have a lot of issues to tackle already. adding up for the senate and congress to bicker about health care issues, good lord, everything is so messed up. I think those guys up there is overpaid, and should clean up their mess. but I refused to keep tabs and waste my time with them anyway. I would rather pull out weeds in yard and plant more vegetables. My family and I been through a lot. living In poverty is part of my life when I was in the Philippines, no running water, no hot or cold showers, and we don’t have an internet., and I think I can survive that if ever it will happen again? all I am saying is that we should keep calm, and be prepared for the worse.

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