I am tired, but I get up in the morning stronger, thanks to you coffee!!

I had a long week. it is only Friday, and I am glad I am off from work! I am so behind of posting my vacation pictures, and talk about it but I am still going to do it. just let me lay down here in bed and enjoy my coffee. My job as a nurse is, really, under appreciated. I swear I felt like walking in a mine field everyday, but hey, I am happy that I still have all my limbs, extremities, digits at the end of the day. I don’t want to talk about the details because its so ugly, I am just going to end depressed. After coming from a three week vacation, it made me realize that hey, even my entire day at work is a hair pulling experience, I got something to look forward to next time. I am all excited just thinking about the next vacation. I usually like to go cheap, and didn’t want to be overwhelmed about the “gastos” or how much will it cost me, but of coarse, with careful planning, I don’t think it is impossible. I could talk about it on and on, but I believe when you have the will plus the drive, it can be done. Now where am I? I like to talk about my vacation experience, just let me drink my coffee first.

One thought on “I am tired, but I get up in the morning stronger, thanks to you coffee!!

  1. I know a few nurses, including my sister-in-law, and they are definitely underappreciated. I don’t know about where you work, but in a lot of places it seems that they have chronic understaffing. I was recently in the hospital for eight days, and it was definitely the nurses more than anybody who got me through the experience.

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