What to do with these long gourdy schlongs?



What to do with long, green gourds?
I went on a 3 week long vacation and I came back with these surprisingly long gourds hanging in my lime tree, on the ground and on my fence…These long schlongs are delicious by the way, but I am getting too tired eating it:-), I blame my other half for not listening to me. Before I left for my vacation, I repeatedly told him ( more like asked/command) him that to wait 3 more days and then chop off these “upo” and hand it to your mother…..3 weeks later I saw 4 more dangling freely all over the place! These long veggies can be cook as a soup, with beef or chicken, they are succulent and tasty, but I am just to tired of eating them! I gave some to my Co workers but a lot of it are just to hard to cook by now. In my head I can do few things: 1.use it as a baseball bat, 2. Back make it as a decoration when it dries, 3. Sell Em on craigslist, 4. Beat my other half with it. 5. Feed it to the chickens. 6. Throw them away!

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